Kania “TechnoDiva” Kennedy is a graduate of Duke University and holds her B.S.E. in Electrical and Computer Engineering. A life long fan of technology and “gadgets” she has always been the “goto” girl when technological things need to be “hooked up” or “figured out.”

She began working with small businesses in 1997 when she designed her first website for ISP Today Magazine after teaching herself how to use Microsoft Frontpage. While her businesses have ranged from Event Planning and promoting to Life Coaching, she has continually designed and managed all of her personal and professional technology needs including setting up wireless networks, remote work-sites (tele-commuting), implementing e-commerce functionality to her businesses, and integrating social media and web-casting.

Kania noticed that many of her fellow small business owners did not use technology as extensively and was often asked to “help” them do what she did so easily, thus TechnoDiva Training & Consulting was born. Her primary commitment is empowering business owners to work SMART not hard, so she keeps her prices reasonable and her client list selective. Easy to work with and committed to your success, if you want to improve your productivity and efficiency using technology without breaking the bank, complete a new client intake form or reach out to the TechnoDiva today!


FREE 2nd Line!

Well almost free!  By now you should know about Google Voice, my FREE PHONE NUMBER service of choice.  You should also know about the need for a SMARTphone and how to optimize it.  If not, HURRY up and take my Upgrade Basics Webinar and get up to speed! Today’s toy is a cool app available for …

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Call Me

I have a lot of projects/businesses I’m working AND I am committed to having freedom AND personal life.  One of the ways I keep things in balance is to limit my business communication to my office hours.  The thing is my “office’ is wherever I am.  I keep it mobile. I often share that I …

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To SMART or not to SMART(phone)?

I’ll admit it, I’m a geek and proud of it!  I love video games, can write computer code, and I loooove gadgets.  While I don’t have to have the latest and greatest in cellphones, when I do upgrade I tend to add all the bells and whistles I can afford! So when my old cellphone …

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