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Diva you are amazing! I called you with my website issues and you sent me a link that allowed you to share my computer screen with you. After walking me through optimizing my website, linking my blog to my social media pages and making sure the world would be able to find me online, you double checked everything to make sure all systems were go. That was priceless! The process was like using a virtual coaching machine. Stick your credit card in, get a coach, press some buttons, get results. I loved my session.
Versandra, Detroit, MI

TechnoDiva thank you for an awesome seminar tonight! I consider myself a techno guru and yet I can sincerely say that I learned some awesome new things tonight about social media, marketing, technology, networking and branding! I look forward to more of the Upgrade Your Business Bootcamp. Thank you for this great information at a fraction of your normal consulting cost! Your expertise is invaluable.
DeLaun Fuller Photography | Autwan DeLaun Fuller, Detroit, MI

Kania, Your method of training made me feel confident that I could follow your direction with ease. It was obvious that you have a professional grasp on technology and how to communicate that knowledge to anyone at any level. Thank you for your patience.
Dolores, Chicago

TechnoDiva Training has been a wonderful asset and boost to our spiritual community. We came off of a somewhat complex website and TechnoDiva provided us with a user friendly site and equipped us with great training. Kania is a patient trainer and innovative business person. She has simplified a lot of our systems and increased our appeal on the web. She is always prepared with solutions to difficult challenges and she has a pleasant demeanor that makes the medicine go down well! She has an entrepreneur's way of thinking and that alleviates the need for explaining both urgency and expediency. She is innovative with her technology and communication options and she has a wonderful enthusiasm for the work that she does. It makes me appreciate both her and her skills to the nth degree. We are blessed to have her on our team!
Rev. Celeste A. Frazier, Chicago, IL

I had a WordPress training session with Kania! She was thorough, fun, informative and patient! AND most important of all... she spoke English instead of techno-geek!!! Thanks Kania!!!!
Evelyn T, Las Vegas, NV

Best holiday investment is the Upgrade your Business Boot Camp!
Tee Thompson, Detroit, MI