Feb 23

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 I found a GREAT new tool I just HAD TO SHARE with you!

First the backstory.

I am working on a project with a client and they needed to have an PHOTO AUTO-POSTED to their Facebook Page everyday for the next 40 days and/or group and my trusted goto program for Social Media Management HOOTSUITE (Try HOOTSUITE PRO FREE for 30 Days)was NOT getting the job done, GRRR. While Hootsuite posted the TEXT, I wanted the GRAPHIC to show so I had to figure something out.

Then I remembered that Facebook has an email feature so you can share photos and posts on the go. The key is knowing your Facebook email address which is easily found in you admin area (email <hello@technodivatraining.com>me if you need assistance with that). Then all I had to do was be able to schedule emails….. There was the issue. As you know I use Google Appsand/or Gmail to manage email and while it does a lot, currently there is no schedule option for emails. No worries I was sure there as an APP for that… and I was RIGHT!!!

I am soo happy to share BOOMERANG for gmail! *This program is sooooo coool!!!  

Here are some of the things you can do with Boomerang:

  1. Write messages now and schedule them to deliver at any time
  2.  Schedule messages to return to your inbox at a later time 
  3.  Remind yourself to follow up on messages that don’t get a response within a certain time

 There is a fee attached, but given the service I think its pretty reasonable. ALSO there is a less expensive competitor, but they do not offering RECURRING EMAIL scheduling but you can check them out too at Right Inbox.  Use my referral link if you decided to check it out!!! http://tinyurl.com/technodiva-boomerang

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