Nov 30

Be SMART not Greedy!

square-up-card-reader4So about those merchant fees.  I like to support small businesses when I can. I love the personalized attention,  and feeling like I’m making a contribution to  real person/family vs throwing money into a souless corporate giant. The thing is SOME small businesses make it hard to give them my money! They don’t accept credit cards! Or they only accept certain cards (namely they don’t take AMEX). Family,  this is a fail for multiple reasons. As a business you want to make it EASY for people to pay you. At the same time you want to be SMART about how you accept payments and be able to do things like require deposits if necessary.  All while making your clients feel safe and well taken care of. Make them confident in your services and professionalism.

Quick story, I was heading on a cruise and wanted to book and oceanside massage. So I hop online and find a spa on Trip Advisor with great ratings.  I get to the website and I cannot easily figure out how to book and pay for the service (1st issue, make it easy for someone to find your payment page)! After poking around I find a form I have to download,  fill out,  and then scan and email back! They also requested me to put my Credit Card info on this form! Oh and they don’t accept AMEX! #multiplefails

Yeah not about to share my CC info via email, so I send an email asking if they accept paypal.  They don’t. So now I’m sad b/c my pragmatic side says “This is a no go”, but my vacation self says, “The pictures look so pretty and relaxing!” Being TechnoDiva, I know this is easily solved so I offer assistance. For whatever the reason the business owner doesn’t take me up on my offer to setup a PayPal account  🙁  As a result many other people in my group (there were 35 of us) who wanted massages, opted to pass. The owner and I built up a rapport so she held my spot w/o the required deposit. So in the end I got my awesome beach massage, but the company missed out on at least 3-4 additional clients all because they hadn’t put certain systems in place.

Second example, I needed new brakes for my whip (car), and I was referred to two mobile mechanics.  Guy A accepted credit cards, Guy B didn’t. Guy A got the job.

Many clients are hesitant to sign up for services like paypal or squareup because they don’t want to pay fees. Or try to pass the fees on to their customers,  but my stance is You can have 100% of nothing…or 97% of your rate.  Be SMART, not greedy. Unless your profit margin is super small, give your customers the convenience of being able to pay easily,  securely, and with credit. Not everyone is comfortable giving credit card info via phone,  so the ability to send and track invoices is key. Both my recommended services offer great invoicing features and so much more.

Sign Up for SquareUp (when you use this link we both get $1000 in free processing for the next 180 days!) All you need is an email address and bank account.

Sign up for PayPal, all you need is an email address.

Let’s get paid!

TechnoDiva Out

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