Nov 16

Business Money Savers

Starting and running a business can be expensive, but you don’t want to skimp!  Staying competitive means you have to have the right tools.  Check these out to save money and stay FABULOUS!!

  1. Open-Source: in the tech community, open source usually equals free to low-cost.   Open source equivalents to most business is available!  Before you spend the money on the commercial version, look for an open source equivalent
  2. Office Suite: Every business needs word-processing, spreadsheets, presentation capabilities, but may not have the $’s for Microsoft Office ($199 +) ,OpenOffice is an equivalent that is 100% free & compatible
  3. Professional Logo: Big businesses spend thousands of dollars having a brand developed professionally, having a piece of clip art or just words does not work. Professional logos can be gotten for $50 – $500.  Three options are Logo Tournament ($275+), The Logo Company ($149), Logo Nerds ($47+)
  4. Image Editing: Entrepreneurs often must do SOME graphic design work on their own.  Adobe Photoshop ($699)is the standard AND a bit pricey, GIMP is an open source equivalent.
  5. PDF File Creation: Sometimes you want to send a document & have the content & format set; PDFs are the way.  Adobe Acrobat Pro ($449)is the standard, Cute PDF is a free alternative & their pro version is VERY affordable ($50)
  6. Back Office IT Infrastructure/Network: As your workforce grows you need a company INTRANET to share information & manage project.  Google Apps for businesses offers an entire suite of products.  Used by organizations of all sizes, it can be customized for ANY BUDGET & company size (free version & low-cost versions available).  Features include: Email Mgmt & Servers, Calendar Sharing,  Document Collaboration,  file storage, web-site hosting & more
  7. Business Phone Line: Its important to maintain a professional image & keep a division between personal & professional calls.  Paying for a business land-line can be expensive, there are options!  Google Voice – get a free phone number for business use only.  Ring Central  Grasshopper, get a full-service phone, fax, & PBX at very affordable rates.

*Please note some of these links are referral links to recommended service providers

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