Sep 23

Business Savvy

Today I was reminded why I started doing Small Business Technology consulting. FYI by training in college, I am an electrical and computer engineer. I got my degree right as the “internet” launched (LOL yes I am mature). I remember learning HTML and sending email via PINE!! My passion however is music, dance, and helping people live their best lives. I am a Life Coach specializing in Beauty, Wellness, & Spirituality.
When I decided to become an entrepreneur, one of the things that has made it possible has been technology! From easy to build and maintain websites, to smartphones that double as payment systems, the right tech can make the BUSINESS side of your passion MUCH easier to manage, IF you know how to use it.
I am working on an event series and collaborating with other wellness workers and OMG the technological divide is real. From setting meeting times in different time zones, to collaborating using Google Docs,  many people who are EXCELLENT at what they do, are pretty awful and the management side of business.  
emythMany people also KNOW they suck at technology, but when classes and courses are offered for training and development, they opt out.  WHY?!!!!  Listen, if you have decided to go into business, you CANNOT just focus on your service.  You have to put on multiple hats and/or hire people to handle it for you. I’m not going to try convince you, but I highly recommend reading the book The E-Myth Revisited,  for some insight into how you are sabotaging your own success by NOT becoming well-trained in business management.
teamfabuloustransKnowing how to better leverage your time and maximize the use of your resources is an invaluable asset. I however cannot help everyone, but I am offering access to my  over 20 years knowledge in technology and business as part of #teamfabulous.  If you join this team, not only will you benefit from my knowledge of Tech, but I also include personal development via training, workshops, events, and discounted group & individual coaching.  If you want to know more, contact me for details!

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