Mar 29

Get Listed

There are people RIGHT NOW looking for your business HOWEVER in 2012 they don’t use the yellow pages. . . they use GOOGLE and other search engines!

 You have to make sure you are listed and EASY to find online. If you have ever heard or seen the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) you know there is an ENTIRE business about how to get high in the ratings so that people find your business when they are searching. In the TechnoDiva Business “Googibility” Workshop I teach business owners simple LOW COST & effective ways to increase their online visibility (make sure you attend the next Tele-Seminar)

 For my TechnoDiva Tips & Tricks Family I am going to share a couple of my favorites!

Google Places

You know I love me some Google LOL (even though they are getting massive and a little scary).  Their suite of services make running a small business a dream!  My Google Guru Workshop gets deep into how to optimize their services, but to get you started, get your business listed for Free in their online directory  http://www.google.com/places/

Craig’s List 

Craig’s List is an awesome FREE online Classified site useful from everything from selling old furniture to finding movers (I have used them several times).  Most postings are free and its pretty simple to use.  The ONLY Issue with Craig’s List is that it helps to know a little HTML (or have a TechnoDiva on your team 😉  ) so you can spice up the listing with images & links!  http://craigslist.org/

 Alright get started so that the people looking to spend money  can find you!

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