Jan 21



These days people have SHORT ATTENTION SPANS, you need to catch your target market’s eye if you want them to notice and eventually choose to do business with you.  GRAPHICS are a GREAT WAY to do that…BUT they have to look good.

If you’re just starting out you MAY NOT be able to afford a top-notch graphic designer (yet). EVEN if you have one, you MAY NOT want to hire pay them for EVERY SINGLE LITTLE THING you need.  SOLUTION...CANVA!!

I just got turned on to this AWESOME resource and of course I HAD TO share it with you.  If you need to design a cool MEME, a nice INFO-GRAPHIC, or a cool flyer, this web-based app makes it easy and FREE (or next to free) to get it done.  They offer pre-designed layouts you can customize with your own images, STOCK IMAGES FOR $1 (YES ONLY $1!), and tons of FREE icons, and other elements.  You can save your designs and when you’re ready to publish you can download in PRINT QUALITY.  I’ve been playing around with it creating Info-Graphics for my Skin Care Classes (yep in my other life I am a Beauty & Wellness Coach/Consultant so get at me if you need some skincare, makeup, or supplements!) and TOTALLY enjoying the experience.

As always your girl TechnoDiva is on the look out for tools and tricks to make you look like a million dollars for the low low.  Keep building and stay fabulous!


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