Sep 17

Look Good (LoGo)


small22999One of the MAIN things that separate small businesses from the “Big Boys” is corporate identity.  Corporations spend thousands of dollars on logos, graphic design, and marketing materials to give a sleek, polished, professional appearance.  Usually upstarts and small businesses don’t have those types of resources, but how you present your company to the world has a HUGE impact on your business!

So the TechnoDiva tip of the week is to get a professionally designed Logo.  NO… do not ask your friend who is an artist to design one.  When you get dressed to meet a client or to go on a date (or when you used to date), don’t you take the time and energy to look your best?  Why do any less for your business? , invest the money into having a professional graphic designer create one for you.   Better yet get a team of them to collaborate!
Thanks to technology now ANYONE can have a custom logo designed for as little as $27 (yes it is possible)!  It makes a HUGE difference in the perception about the level of service you are able to deliver.   I have used a logo design service in the past and below are a few with  options for organizations of all sizes!     
After you get the logo we can get started on creating the rest of your Corporate Identity package including business cards, flyers, brochures, etc..   You can take this on alone OR work in conjunction with me or one of my marketing/design experts to make sure you get exactly what you want! Good luck!

Logo Sevices


Logo Nerds

I haven’t used this program personally, but the pricing is AWESOME (logos starting at $27) and their portfolio looks good.  If I was on a tight budget I might start here! www.logonerds.com

The Logo Company

I have not used this service either however, their portfolio looks great, the pricing is reasonable ($149 & up), and they offer packages for websites & marketing materials.www.thelogocompany.net

Logo Tournament:  

Hands down this is my FAVORITE program.  Now the minimum bid is $275, but its worth it.  My logos for My Goddess Retreat, Black Diamond Ski Weekend & The SMART Sista came out of this program.

Marketing Materials

I am sure you have heard of Vistaprint by now.  You may have even used them to get some free business cards in the past.  We’re talking about UPGRADING you luv.  So once you get your logo designed, gone are the days of using generic pre-designed templates.  Work with my team or on your own to create custom marketing materials for your business!   Check back next week for details on what you need to get started!

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