Aug 14

TechnoDiva Tip: Phonevite – Share Your Voice

MP900439239I’ve got  new toy!!  I  Phonevite – Share Your Voice – Community-Based Voice Broadcasting – Phone Tree Service.

It’s so cool because it allows you to make voice blasts AND share your message on twitter & facebook!

I know some people don’t like the idea of doing “Voice Blasts,” but in some instances this is the perfect tool to communicate with large groups of people in a short amount of time!

Think about when you have meetings or events coming up and you need to reconfirm.  It would be great to call everyone individually, but in reality you have a lot of other things you need/could/should be doing vs calling people to say the same thing over and over.  Email reminders are great, txts are even better, and voicemail is awesome b/c you have more than 144 characters LOL.

This service is FREE for up to 25 numbers and can be used twice a month OR you can pay $.05/call (any dollar amount you choose).

What I’m really feeling is the ability to put voice messages on your Facebook Page/Profile/Group and twitter.  If you want to check it out and save  a little green, sign up and use the code REFER10 and  then enter my hello (at) technodivatraining.com email address!

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