Oct 14

Well Done Grasshopper!

Hey Business Pioneers!  Back in the day I shared with you some of my BASIC tools reccomended to UPGRADE your business and I have GREAT NEWS!!  There is a new player in the Small Business Phone Solution market (new to me) and one very necessary as my old go to has priced themselves out of my budget for startups.

Luckily I’m grandfathered in to the other rates with Ring Central, but I’m here to look out for you all, the newcomers who need solutions that work for functionality AND work for your BUDGET!  I was working on a proposal for a potential new client (fingers crossed they pay that deposit LOL) and when doing my due diligence I realized that Ring Central was trippin.  Don’t get me wrong I loooove my service, but if I was starting out and saw their per/user pricing I would have to try to bootleg a phone solution for me and my team (shout out to all those using Google Voice #likeaboss). Here is the thing, if you are a team of more than 1, YOU NEED A REAL PHONE SOLUTION (Read here to find out why), but I couldn’t recommend something that was going to break the bank!  So I did my reasearch and  *DRUMROLL* grasshopperI am pleased to annouce GRASSHOPPER, the Entrepreneur’s Phone System!!!

Grasshopper offers all the AWESOME tools, I think  you need to

  • SMARTPhone App:  Yes, back to the lovely SMARTPhone.  Grasshopper allows you to make and receive calls and check voicemail through your phone EASILY (no dialing in and remembering a bunch of access codes).  You “protect” your personal phone number AND look EXTRA professional b/c the number your customers see when you  call them back is the number on your business cards!  In addition it allows you to be LIBERATED from the office AND ACCESSIBLE to your customers!
  • Business Hours:  You can set business hours for when you  want to receive calls OR NOT!  So you don’t have to worry about getting a business call in the middle of the night (unless that’s your think 8shrugs*).
  • CALLER ID/SCREENING:  The service allows you to determine what number you  see when you get a business call so you always know “how” to answer.  I set mine to show my company number and assign a “special” ringtone, so I know whether its business or pleasure and answer accordingly (what’s more unprofessional than answering a business call with a “What’s up!?)
  • Auto Attendants, Company Directory, VoiceMail & EXTENSIONS: You can organize your phone system by departments AND/OR assign individual extensions to other members of your team  so that they each have their own voicemail box and their clients can reach them directly by dialing their extension OR using the Dial By Name Directory.
  • PORT YOUR OLD NUMBER: If you’re using Google Voice or some other phone service, YES you can transfer your old number(s) so you have continuity for your clients.

So YAY YAY YAY to new tech and new resources for Small and Emerging Businesses.  USE THIS and if you want to be SMART and save yourself the headache of setting it up yourself, CONTACT ME and we can get it done quickly and train you and/or your team on how to use this service easily.

If you decide to give it a try FREE, please use my REFERRAL LINK!!!!  Thanks

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