Aug 21

FREE 2nd Line!

Well almost free!  By now you should know about Google Voice, my FREE PHONE NUMBER service of choice.  You should also know about the need for a SMARTphone and how to optimize it.  If not, HURRY up and take my Upgrade Basics Webinar and get up to speed!

Today’s toy is a cool app available for Android, iPhone, & Amazon that allows you to make Google Voice calls over  WIFI so you don’t have to use your minutes if you’re not on an unlimited plan OR happen to be in an area w/o cell service (like out of the country or something). It’s called Groove IP by SNRB Labs and its awesome!

 I installed it on my Android SMARTPhone and have been using it easily.  I do have unlimited service, however; I have two google voice numbers so this allow me to use one with the GoogleVoice app and the other with GooVeIP without having to log in and out all the time.

It integrates easily with your contact list and keeps track of recent calls to.  It even allows you to specify specific numbers to ALWAYS use with this service (and to never use).  I’m defenitely adding it to my favorite apps for entreprenuers list! At only $4.99 its well worth the price (there is also a free version w/ads)

GrooVe IP – Android Apps on Google Play.


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