Mar 05

Ministry Without Borders

TechnoDiva Presents: Ministry Without Borders: Using Technology to Spread Love & Light Globally

Now more than ever, people everywhere are searching to hear the lesson of Love and Light that is at the heart of New Thought. However, many spiritual centers and spiritual teachers are still only using traditional methods to deliver the message, and are limited by geographic reach.

In this digital age, it is easy, affordable, and most of all ESSENTIAL that New Thought Centers and Teachers leverage technology to expand their reach and make this healing word available to everyone.

During the 103rd International New Thought Alliance (INTA) Congress, Kania will share the basic tools and steps to talk to use technology to create an impactful, far-reaching, and prosperous ministry.  If you’re interested in seeing it in action visit live.newthoughtnewlife.net and see Kania’s growing ministry

Whether you head a brick and mortar spiritual center OR are an independent teacher, this presentation and the INTA Congress is where you want to be! Become a member of the INTA and register for this year’s congress at www.newthoughtalliance.org

Kania Kennedy is a Light-worker, using her Divine Talents and abilities to empower others to look, feel, and be their best selves. In addition to being an Ordained Minister and Certified Professional Coach, a degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering and 20 years in entrepreneurship have uniquely prepared her to have the knowledge to give this presentation. Her Technology Consulting business, TechnoDiva Training & Consulting (www.technodivatraining.com), exists specifically to empower Love & Light Workers to have successful businesses, learn to “Work SMART, not hard,” and bring their healing work to the world!

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