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Training & Coaching



This is all about education and empowerment for my clients and their team.  End of the day it does not matter if you spend a HUGE amount of money on getting your business set up if you do not know how to maintain or grow it.
The training and coaching aspect of TechnoDiva is about making sure you can troubleshoot minor issues and maintain whatever you currently have.  I hate to see small business owners stranded or incapacitated because one of their gizmos went BANG.  So if you already have things like websites, domain names, and 


SMARTphones, but don’t really know how to use them optimally, I work with you to learn how!  Training comes standard with any Consulting/Implementation package, but can also be secured independently.
  • Updating Websites
  • SMARTphone usage, customization, & optimization
  • Software training


Training & Consulting is secured at an hourly rate and/or part of the TechnoDiva “On Demand” Program.
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