Oct 21

Bundling is BAD!

PhotoGrid_1445433201164(1)They’re always promoting it, the bundle: “It’s a great value” they say, “you’ll save money”, “it’s easier to manage.” Listen Read closely, DO NOT BUNDLE YOUR DOMAIN NAME AND WEBHOSTING.

A few points of clarity. Your Domain Name is some version of www.YourBusinessName.com. Your webhost, is kinda like your address, it’s where all your information about your business is stored online. While both are important I always advise clients to keep them with separate companies.


I explain with a story. I have a friend, she got an awesome bundle on her domain name and hosting.  Yay! However,  at some point the hosting plan did not serve her needs, and she wanted to move to another company.  Should be pretty easy right? I mean, Imagine your lease is up,and you want to move. What do you do; find a new spot, sign a new lease, pack up your stuff, and move in right? Yeah well turns out, her hosting company owned her domain,  and held it hostage! Yep if she wanted to take her www.HerBusinessName.com to her new address they wanted $$$$’s! Imagine wanting to move, but your landlord “owned” your name! Sure you could go out and change your name, but how would all the people who know and love you find you?! Think back to the days before telephone number porting and the hassle of changing phone numbers, now multiply that by a million because when it comes to your domain name it’s all about your brand!

Are ALL companies offering bundles shady and/or unscrupulous?  Of course not, but be SMART, and listen to your girl TechnoDiva. If they are already bundled, let me help you transfer your domain to an independent registrar,  if you’re just getting started, I can walk you through the process of getting hosting and a domain name and connecting the two.

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