Nov 12

Pages for Google+

Today I got word that Google+ is ready to be business friendly.  Last week they finally started supporting Profiles for Google Apps users and now Businesses can have pages too!  Of course I set one up for TechnoDiva Training & Consulting (so click the icon and add me!), and will start playing around with it.  

According to Google Pages for Google+ are

A leap forward in building relationships between businesses and people  

what does that mean exactly you say. According to Google its about Sharing, Promoting, & Measuring. The details are here “http://www.google.com/+/business/share.html” and there is even a video you can watch .

So what makes this better or worse than your Facebook Page or your Twitter Page or any of the many other Social Media Pages & Profiles you already have?  I’m not sure yet, but what I do know is that  you can create yours at https://plus.google.com/pages/create and lets play around with it and we what we come up with!!

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