Oct 16

SMART Phone 101

If you took the time to read my Adventures in Tech Blog about SMARTPhones, you know I think its a must for every entrepreneur who wants to work SMART vs hard.  So once you have the phone, what do you do with it?  That’s where I come in!

Getting the phone is just the first step, then you have to learn how to use it!  If you’re pretty tech savvy it may be simple for you to get the basics, however depending on your level of expertise doing anything beyond making calls and checking Facebook may leave your scratching your head.  No worries, I am awesome at setting up gadgets and teaching you how to keep things running smoothly (Call me)!  Once you get the basics down, its time to upgrade.
The BEST part of SMART phones are the Apps.  Now depending on what platform you choose for your phone the exact Apps you use will vary, but I am going to create a list of the TYPE of apps I recommend to optimize the use of your phone for business!
  • Banking: You want to be able to access your money so make sure you download your bank’s mobile software
  • LinkedIn: I’m assume you already have set up your LinkedIn profile right? (If not, hop to it!) Now get the mobile app so you can access contacts in your network easily!
  • Mobile Credit Card Payments:  You want to be able to accept credit card payments from WHEREVER you are so you need an app to do that.  Options include:
    • Square Up – This company came on the scene and revolutionized Credit Card Processing.  They  have the lowest fees and automatically transfer your money with 24-48 hours. They ALSO just released (10/2015) an option to have your money INSTANTLY transferred to you bank account (for a small fee).
    • PayPal Here – We already know and love paypal right?  Well you can use PayPal on your phone to swipe credit cards too! What I really like about PayPal is instant access to your money via the PayPal Debit Card (you do have that right?)
  • Gmail/Google Apps
    • Sync your calendar, email, and contacts
    • If you’re using Google Apps to power your back office this is essential!
  • EventDroid: If you use EventBrite to manage your event registrations, having this app installed makes managing checkin a snap!
  • Paypal: You can request money, send money, and check your balance but even better you can receive CHECKS while on the go! No more running to the bank, you can use the camera feature on your phone! PAYPAL rocks!
These are my essentials and depending on your industry and/or business model we may need to add more, that’s why I consult with each client individually to asses your needs.  Complete the New Client Intake and let’s get your upgrade started!
*Originally published Nov 2011, Updated Oct 2015

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